Wow what a week!! Awards week I will call it from this day forward. I have to thank Dolly over at one of the best blogs around, allaboutlemon, for bestowing the Versatile Blogger award upon me. Would you believe this awesome lady managed to get 5 of these awards all at once!! Yes folks, I kid you not, 5! Well done Dolly, you have a great talent which I hope will be recognised via your first book being published sooner rather than later 🙂

Now on to the requirements expected of me in accepting this award:

  1. Thank the nominator (thanks again Dolly 🙂 and post links to the nominator allaboutlemon.
  2. Post links to 15 other blogs I have read recently and enjoyed.
  3. Produce 7 things about myself.
  4. And finally post a comment on the sites I have nominated, telling them they have been nominated as well. (this may take some time)

Phew, full time job that!! 😉

Ok so I am fairly new to this blogging world and discovering new blogs almost daily! As most people do I have my favourites so far, and below is a selection of the ones I have read lately in no particular order or level of enjoyment:

Girl on the Contrary       the honey house      

Wonderful Collisions     The Dissemination of Thought

Virgin-Vagina’s     RoughDrafts      Playing with words is fun 

Deep as a Birdbath     Truth about mornings      The Rubbe   


The Skinny Jeans andStarbucks Chronicles

goguiltypleasures        thedrinkinghat

I will post a link back to here for the challenge rules on each blog once I find someone else’s note that I like, steal it and use it!!! 🙂

Ok then, 7 things about me then eh? Have done this before and I hate talking about me! Oh well…..

1) Motor sport is about as close to a religion as I will ever get… the best activity you can indulge in! (Apart from other “behind closed doors” activities of course 😉

2) I work in the IT trade….. no I can’t fix your PC, Laptop or iDevice for you, piss off! lol

3) One day my guitar playing ability will hopefully be at least good enough to play the whole of Deep Purple’s awesome “Black Night” (dreaming….)

4) In a perfect, or even just a slightly better world I would be a politician who is able to make positive change. (again dreaming..)

5) Coffee is an essential dietary item……. Can’t live if your blood level exceeds your coffee level can you?

6) Music plays a vital role in my life. Combined with humour and Coffee, and some more coffee as well, they are the elixir of life! Oh and I guess oxygen plays a small role there too…..

7) I can’t decide between Android and IOS. Both have benefits and pain in the arse features… I carry one of each currently so maybe both is the answer! I could call it Andios!!! Off to trademark that one right now 🙂

Man that was long!!! Thanks again Dolly @ allaboutlemon, I really appreciate this award and hope everyone enjoys her  blog and those listed above along with the many others around that are very entertaining. Here’s to many more blogs!!

Coooffffeeeeeee. .........