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It has been a while since I have written anything, I know and I apologise. It has not been through lack of motivation, nor things to rant about believe me, just an unexpected incident which I shall elaborate on in another post soon.This post however is much more serious and touches anyone who has kids. It is a subject that has fired me up no end today and should fire everyone up. Some will agree and some will not. I do not intend to sugar coat it and fully expect backlash from some quarters. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

So… Today in QLD, Brisbane north to be specific, a pedophile was released from prison and allowed back into the community. Not such a rare occurrence you might think? Well no it’s not, and aside from the fact that this particular parasite is a serial offender who admits he will probably offend again, the police and the government will not say where he is going to live. This to me is a blatant and unforgivable move that not only provides this parasite with anonymity, it sends a message to the community that they DO NOT MATTER and neither do the KIDS this rock spider will defile and scar for life in future.

Our kids deserve much much better than this. How do you explain to a kid that you have to be careful about going down the street or to a friend’s place because there are such low life forms out to destroy their lives? How do you explain to a kid that no authorities will stop these low lifes because the law is designed to actually protect THEM and not the kids? How do you, as a parent, live with yourself after one of these parasites destroys your kids and your family’s life forever?

Why are these parasites allowed outside of their cells and into society ever? They lost any right to live as part of society the second they destroyed a young and innocent life. They lost the right to ANY rights as a member of the human race the second they destroyed that young and innocent life. Some would even argue they lost the right live at that moment also. For the families of those poor kids this view would be more than understandable indeed.I make no apologies for my view that these parasites should NEVER EVER see the outside of a prison again. What I cannot fathom is why they are protected and looked after by the system instead of the community they are putting at risk? How many live near all of us without our knowing until another offence is committed?

People all over the world have to live with these parasites walking amongst them anonymously, and to me this makes the law makers of the world just as guilty of these unforgivable and totally preventable crimes against innocent young kids as the parasite committing the crime. How can this possibly be allowed to happen? How can this possibly go on happening? The communities of the world need to stand up, unite and lobby the law makers urgently to prevent kids lives being destroyed. Our job as parents and family members is to protect our kids and make sure they grow up healthy and well. Our job is also to hold those responsible for hurting our kids accountable when something like being molested by a parasite happens.

I call on everyone who reads this post to pass it on to as many people as possible in the hope that it may prevent even 1 crime against an innocent child and raise some awareness in the communities of the world. These parasitic creatures should NEVER be allowed back into the community. Never.

Knowing this parasite lives anywhere near my kids has made me not only sick to the pit if my stomach, it has reminded me that there are no doubt others around me also. It has reminded me that we as parents and family members have a DUTY to protect our kids safety. It has made me so angry I will make this a continuing subject and do anything possible to raise this cause.

Apologies for the angry and possibly lengthy nature of this post, however it is something I feel needs to be addressed and put out in the public psyche as a priority. Every second we do not do something, is another innocent child potentially at risk. Unacceptable surely to even the hardest of hearts??

It is an interesting debate that rages in many homes, workplaces and web pages the world over. I am referring of course to social media. Yes I know there have been a gazillion words written for and against this subject, but get over it already, I am writing more! You see I am not going to talk about the dumb ass effects it has on some people, nor the stupid shit kids say on their “pages” to incite their trigger happy yokel parents into shooting the offending laptop until it is left bleeding and dead in a paddock!  What a cruel way to treat a piece of beautiful technology!

So what I am going to write about is the potential benefits, and sometimes the pitfalls, of making that dreaded decision to sign your life away on one of these sites. In particular how it affected me. We are all aware of the double-edged sword that getting online entails, yet it seems as the world revolves through each year it is the only way everyone communicates now. That said, I personally still prefer to either pick up the phone or go see someone face to face, lest I start to feel like there isn’t really anyone out there any more and I am now living in a world similar to that of Lt. Col. Robert Neville in I AM LEGEND!! God forbid I walk outside to get devoured by weird freaky night mutants…

Lt Col Robert Neville (courtesy Warner Bros Pictures)

I must admit that I was a late starter on the social networking scene. Yes my demeanour was that of a snotty old fart who thought it was all a monumental waste of time and just another fad. That is until I had to start using in-house social media systems with my employer and I realised I was so very wrong! We have chat programs, virtual meeting places, several variants of face book style programs and so on. After a few years of struggling and fighting to minimise my use of email and these other tools (old fart syndrome again!) it became the only way to communicate in order to work effectively. I had to use the tools of the business whether I liked it or not, and it didn’t take long for it to become normal and practical behaviour. My conversion had begun…..

This leads into the core of this little tale. A number of my family and old school friends had been using Facebook for a while, and of course the pressure flowed onto me to get online and reconnect with people I had not thought about in many many years… . I initially didn’t want to reconnect with anyone. Had no desire whatsoever. I had moved on from High School, shifted to another state and chosen to utterly obliterate any memories of my school age years. This was a choice I made consciously when I was young and I thought no more about it over the years that followed. That is until the time came where I was getting questions from family who were being questioned by old friends relentlessly. I couldn’t figure it out. Who the hell would care where I was now or what I had been doing for the past 25 years? I didn’t care so why would they?

Of course over a period of sustained “peer” pressure it is inevitable that one starts to see the cracks in ones resolve and one catches oneself occasionally wandering off mentally into the world of “I wonder happened to so and so?”. And so you can see that as I used this stuff at work and the mind was wandering, eventually any resistance I had slowly receded and I made the decision not to be an old fart any more. Sure the considerations were weighed up, like “what if so and so who I couldn’t stand contacts me?” The biggie for me was that I knew once I opened that Pandora’s box, there was no going back. The past would flood back like a tsunami and there was no shutting the door again. My sister convinced me that I was being a nutter and that I could just delete my FB profile and move on. Yeah right…

So off I went on my little journey. Initially tentative, but as time went on I started to wonder why I took so long to get on this bandwagon! It wasn’t long before I was reconnected with some wonderful people I had forgotten about, which as it turns out has enriched my life to no end. There are many new people I have connected with through my old friends who I never would have known existed were it not for social media. And then are the inevitable findings of lost friends. Early on I learnt the hard way that this is part of life. I had one friend in particular I wanted to find, and I searched to no avail. Then a mutual friend of mine and his popped up and the news was awful. My old mate had passed away some 10 years prior to me looking for him. It was a wake call up that as we get older people come and people go, and there is nothing we can do to stop it.  That is indeed life and we can just keep moving forward or get run over!

Get going or get run over!

And so now the view is that there are many upsides and many great people out there, both old and new, that can add value to my life. Of course there are some absolutely psycho bastards to be avoided too! After dabbling in writing for mags earlier in my life another good friend introduced me to blogging late last year. Another addition to my life and more great people. Thanks to Lyndon at TDoT my social media world expanded yet again which is awesome. Mostly!

So here’s to Old friends, New friends, and of course lets never forget Lost friends….


Spin, Spin, Spin!

So the new motor racing season has begun! Wooo friggin hoo and about bloody time say those of us drawn the smell of high octane fuel  and burning rubber! And of course the dawn of the new season brings many weird and wonderful pieces of spin from the PR people. It never ceases to amaze me how many teams in the various series around the world now have “a much better start to the year after much hard work through the winter/off season, and we expect to be at or near the front of the field in 2012 without doubt”.

Mmmmmm well every year I am bitterly disappointed to find that not every car wins every race! Funny that… Of course only 1 car can win a given race, but clearly the PR people in motorsport around the world have yet to figure that out. After reading the season launch press statements from most of the Formula 1 and Australian V8 Supercar teams,  I think I could earn a decent quid by going around and “educating” the PR people on what the general public can stomach and what they can’t in the Spin department. “We have made a huge step forward during the off season” is a standard run of the mill throw away line these days. Come on guy’s and girls of the PR world, give it some actual thought for one and dare to step outside clichéd statements. I for one would love to hear “well, considering how shit the car was last year, and considering that we turfed our useless drivers and technical people as a result then you can pretty much assume more of the same rubbish performances from us until the new lot either gel and get it right or we turf them too! ‘ Wow that would be a cool Press release wouldn’t it!! 🙂

Can we do it? Bob over to you......

Same spin issues go for the political landscape right now. If you live anywhere near Australia you will be painfully aware that our governments at both state and federal level are so corrupt and hell bent on destroying our country that we are in a perpetual state of going to the polls for a new election. Our Prime Minister was not elected to lead the country, but was in fact installed by 3 very greedy, ruthless and ultimately self interested independents. The Prime Minister was in fact almost a million primary votes BEHIND the opposition leader when it became clear we had a hung parliament at the last federal election. And remember that is in a country with only 23 million people in total, inclusive of illegals! So it came down to who could lie and cheat the best to create a government. Problem is the independents effectively gave the balance of power to the Greens party whose only policies are based around keeping trees in the ground…

As we now head to the polls at state and federal level in several states, it has been funny to watch these political people go through their campaign processes. What they say and what they do are of course going to be  entirely different things. Shame nobody ever seems to remember this at election time! Imagine if EVERYBODY cast a donkey vote? What would be the outcome of that? Who would get the preferences from the Donkey in that case? In case you’re wondering, a Donkey vote is an invalid vote that can’t be counted.

If I am elected, I will.........blah blah lie lie blah blah...

I for one would love to see Donkey lead the nation. With Shrek as Treasurer and Puss in Boots as Police Minister, the place might actually get cracking again! Couldn’t do any worse than the fools already in parliament and the fools trying to get in from the opposition benches. Watching them in parliament all together “debating” things is like watching a couple of kindergarten classes go head to head in a battle of wits! Actually no, I am being unfair to the Kindy kids there aren’t I….

Ultimately it has become clear in the world today that survival is dependant not on being the fittest these days, but the best at producing and selling Spin to the audience you are facing. Doesn’t matter whether you are right, wrong or indifferent. It matters not whether you even care about what you are doing. As long as you can sell the Spin convincingly that is the job done.

Interesting times indeed….


ABC, 123, ABC…..

Wow these awards thingies always mean so much work don’t they? I should be grateful and not seem like an arsehole I know! So having said that, thanks to The Dissemination of Thought for the Awesome Blog Content award (or ABC!!) Not sure how I made it to that lofty height in all honesty but I guess in the tried and true, time honoured fashion of the opportunistic world we live in, I will take it any way I can!!

I am led to believe I must come up with a word from each of the 26 letters of the alphabet that would describe me… HeyZuse that will be interesting…NOT!! Then I must nominate another 6 blogs for the same award. That will be so much easier as there are some kick arse bloggers out there far more deserving of an award than I.

Ok lets have a crack at this then shall we…..

Australian (G’day mate!)


Can (do)

Damned (read my posts? You’ll agree I’m on the “must be smited” list!)




Hilarious (yeah says me…lol)



Kleen (freak)

Limited (wtf?)


Nice (;-)








Very (stuck finding something starting with V!!!)

Wonderful (lmao)




Well that was a challenge!! Can’t get the formatting right now either!! Uurrgghhh

Ok now for the 6 lucky recipients of the Awesome Blog Content award!. These people always leave me glad I follow them with some fantastic writing on a vast variety of subjects. I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I do 🙂

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OK, that is about it I think. Thanks again to The Dissemination of Thought for this award, it is seriously appreciated


Wow what a week!! Awards week I will call it from this day forward. I have to thank Dolly over at one of the best blogs around, allaboutlemon, for bestowing the Versatile Blogger award upon me. Would you believe this awesome lady managed to get 5 of these awards all at once!! Yes folks, I kid you not, 5! Well done Dolly, you have a great talent which I hope will be recognised via your first book being published sooner rather than later 🙂

Now on to the requirements expected of me in accepting this award:

  1. Thank the nominator (thanks again Dolly 🙂 and post links to the nominator allaboutlemon.
  2. Post links to 15 other blogs I have read recently and enjoyed.
  3. Produce 7 things about myself.
  4. And finally post a comment on the sites I have nominated, telling them they have been nominated as well. (this may take some time)

Phew, full time job that!! 😉

Ok so I am fairly new to this blogging world and discovering new blogs almost daily! As most people do I have my favourites so far, and below is a selection of the ones I have read lately in no particular order or level of enjoyment:

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I will post a link back to here for the challenge rules on each blog once I find someone else’s note that I like, steal it and use it!!! 🙂

Ok then, 7 things about me then eh? Have done this before and I hate talking about me! Oh well…..

1) Motor sport is about as close to a religion as I will ever get… the best activity you can indulge in! (Apart from other “behind closed doors” activities of course 😉

2) I work in the IT trade….. no I can’t fix your PC, Laptop or iDevice for you, piss off! lol

3) One day my guitar playing ability will hopefully be at least good enough to play the whole of Deep Purple’s awesome “Black Night” (dreaming….)

4) In a perfect, or even just a slightly better world I would be a politician who is able to make positive change. (again dreaming..)

5) Coffee is an essential dietary item……. Can’t live if your blood level exceeds your coffee level can you?

6) Music plays a vital role in my life. Combined with humour and Coffee, and some more coffee as well, they are the elixir of life! Oh and I guess oxygen plays a small role there too…..

7) I can’t decide between Android and IOS. Both have benefits and pain in the arse features… I carry one of each currently so maybe both is the answer! I could call it Andios!!! Off to trademark that one right now 🙂

Man that was long!!! Thanks again Dolly @ allaboutlemon, I really appreciate this award and hope everyone enjoys her  blog and those listed above along with the many others around that are very entertaining. Here’s to many more blogs!!

Coooffffeeeeeee. .........


Ok, so this one could be a little controversial and possibly even a bit, you know, “uummmmaaaahhhhhh i’m dobbing on you!!” Well maybe so but it is something that I find fascinating and frustrating all at once. And from what I hear on the radio/TV/news feeds and numerous blogs lately I am not the only one ready to throw some preaching, loud mouthed bigot from the roof a very tall building! (you listening Margaret Court?)  Geez, that was a bit harsh was it? Well so is “you’ll burn in hell for eternity if you don’t do whatever the church says!!!” Since when in hell did the bible or it’s many spin off series ever say you cannot use a condom or contraceptive pill? Can you honestly see Moses dictating to the monks writing the bible “oh and another thing HE said when I was on that big hill over there, make sure there is a section that tells the minions to stay the fuck way from rain coats and never pop any pregnancy killing pills!!!” Nope, I can’t see it either….

Remember, NO rain coats, NO pills and NO freedom of thought!!!! (source:

Look, I have nothing against organised religion or the people who believe in it. Fact is that I have even tried it myself on more than one occasion. I didn’t think it would suffice to just try one type, which would be akin to just trying vanilla ice cream and ignoring all the other mouth watering options out there. So I went and ventured into different flavours over the years!! I figured the more I broadened my view of what is available on the market, the more “qualified” I would be to make an informed decision on what flavour I liked best. Sadly for the preachers of those institutions none of them hit the sweet spot in my world to keep me going back as a return customer. Ahhh and there it is, the whole point of organised religion- “return customer”!

Think about that a for minute. Return Customer. They are businesses. Plain and simple. Money making juggernauts. Think Vatican city, the place where the richest individuals on earth, and possibly even the universe, reside. It should have a registered business name and sign on the gate reading The Pope and Co. Even the British Queen is jealous of those digs! Anyway, back on track…. This epiphany that organised religion is about nothing but big business concerned with the bottom line and controlling people, led me to the somewhat vague concept of “spirituality”. I say vague because although the term is gaining popularity and gradual acceptance among the non chemically altered citizens of the world, it is still a little Mickey mouse-ish to a degree. It is a very hazy description of something very personal and very different to each and every one of us.

Ahhh and there is the other epiphany item!! Something that is different to each and every one of us! Wow, imagine how annoying this spirituality caper must be to a card carrying, god bothering extremist. No CONTROL or REVENUE over the individuals concerned. Bugger bugger bugger. Shit shit shit. Damn damn damn.

It seems quite absurd really to think that there are still so many people part of organisations which are of the belief that they alone are correct and that anyone who doesn’t agree with them should be ridiculed, bullied, harassed and even eliminated in many cases. The greatest single cause of death, destruction and wars in human history is indisputable…. Religion. Quite astonishing considering it is supposed to be about love and forgiveness. Shame those two things don’t generate revenue in vast quantities to select individuals isn’t it.

Every god botherers standard pose when being challenged...

Personally I like to be different, a different flavour. Not just because it pisses the god botherers off (although that IS a bloody sweet bonus!) but simply because it is liberating to be free to think what I want, believe what I want and be a good person in MY ways. Surely if there is a God or some sort of deity who had nothing better to do one week than create a bunch fucking stick figures with attitude,

The most famous space slug we know...

then surely he would be impressed by those who do good things, treat others with respect and exercises the free will HE thought was so vital when HE created us? Or alternatively, as a very wise old man once asked me to consider, maybe HE doesn’t give a rats arse at all because HE is just a great big fuckin space slug who’s droppings left unwittingly as he passed by just happened to contain the bacterial building blocks needed for life to spring up on this obscure little rock? Notice I didn’t say “intelligent life”!! Interesting concept though isn’t it? Leads more to the Darwinian road which is more believable really…

Anyway, enough of my rantings! I’m already destined for smiting queue apparently. Just consider that there IS an alternative to the prescriptive, captive and very expensive ideals of organised religion. Consider that there are indeed many many different flavours of spirituality out there, all of them constrained only by the individual’s own power to dare to think outside the Vanilla Vatican, sorry I mean square, and be a good person without restriction and denial of anything fun and mostly harmless in life. Not to mention saving you enough money to enjoy the odd reefer while doing it!! 😉


Just a thought…


Everyone the world over is concerned about the future. Everyone the world over is looking for something or someone to provide an answer to what seems like the never ending saga that is called the “Global Financial Crisis” (GFC), or Global Financial Con to me…. Everyone the world over is failing to find anything to hang onto that might signal a positive outlook is indeed possible. Everyone the world over is getting very very tired of this situation. Everyone that is except the Politicians and the Big Business Executives of course. They are loving it. Thoroughly. Their share prices and profits have grown massively during the GFCon. And the people of every country are LETTING them get away with it. Letting the Greed Machine that created the GFC in the first place roll on and on and on!!!

We all look around and wonder why the cost of living is going up higher and higher by the day, why smaller and medium businesses are going broke by the day, why our wages don’t go very far at all and then the Pollies and their cronies just spend spend spend like there is no tomorrow! The simple reason is that none of these people in Parliament have ever had a real job, had to support themselves and their families on anything less than mega salaries with mega benefits, nor ever had to worry about how they will fund their retirement years. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a lifetime pension worth millions if you leave politics at 35? Without the taxation ordinary people have, and with hundreds of thousands of $$ worth of “entitlements” each year for life at taxpayer cost? And of course the freedom to go get another job paying gazillions whilst STILL COLLECTING this pension?

To say that Politicians are out of touch with reality and the real worlds issues of the people in the street is not sufficient any longer. It is not sufficient to hear them keep making the same feeble and pathetic promises we all know they have no intention of keeping. It is not sufficient to sit back and allow these parasites to keep taking huge chunks of everyday people’s pay packets for their own greedy benefits. It is not sufficient to hope that some masked crusader will ride on in and save us all from the Greed driven pollies and big businesses because that is not going to happen is it?

The pollies encourage and assist the largest organisations to create monopolies and duopolies to crush smaller to medium business. They do not regulate these industries as the revenue they can generate for the government is simply staggering and an opportunity not to be passed up. Banking, Grocery and Fuel companies are starting to combine and meld so that very soon we will see nothing but mega organisations who control everything. Grocery and Fuel has already been swallowed by just 2 organisations in Australia, with Banking the only standalone left. For now…

There are many out there who would love to get into Politics with the dreams and intentions of doing the right thing for the country they love. Sadly this is not possible in modern times and is just a pipe dream never to become a reality. Sadly the truth is that an individual cannot make a difference. Even a group cannot affect positive changes anymore. No the party line is all that matters, and this is a line that protects the fat cats in both politics and big business from losing their financial good things. If anyone dares to swim against the flow of the party line they are effectively shut down and eliminated from the party. They lose pre selection status for their seats, and are ridiculed and “assassinated” by the parties PR machines and spin doctors very very quickly. That is unless they change their tune and fall into line with the party’s line…

It would be nice to think by writing something like this that it would spread far and wide, and maybe even get a few people to think about the world and where it is at. Maybe even inspire someone somewhere to do something positive. Sadly I am all too aware this is fantasy and will not get out to many at all. Until the people of the world stand up and decide to be counted, stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of all this corporate and government greed, it will just continue and probably get worse. We will keep electing incompetent and selfish parasites to government and keep watching as everything gets consumed by a couple of mega corporations to the point that they own it all one day.

Just think about it, even just a little bit. Nothing will change until we all do…..


Wow, been a while since my last post. Did not realise I was AWOL for that long. In some ways it would be good to still be AWOL! Looking around at the worlds issues in 2012 one has to ask the basics, like WTF? It seems everyone has become intolerant of everyone else! This concerns me greatly of course, so here is a feeble attempt to record a new low in my blogging career!!

You may be asking what has prompted this haphazard rant. Good question. If you did not ask this, then tough luck, you will find out anyway if you keep reading. As it happens, a boringly disinterested flick through the website threw up some articles that really got my attention, so of course I just had to comment….

Manners relegated to history perhaps?

Manners. Well golly gee wiz I can’t imagine why this would be an issue anywhere in the world these days? Most wouldn’t know what manners were if they got bitten on the arse by them! Seems people with no manners are now complaining about everyone else with no manners. Interesting development. How the fuck do you get the idea to complain about something you don’t have yourself? Its like saying “hey you, why didn’t you say sorry to me when I walked into you?” Or “listen up you bastard, keep your fucking voice down when you’re talking on the phone so I can raise mine while talking on the phone, have some consideration for me will you!”. Mmmmmm….


i Gen. I know I know, this generational shit gets covered to death everywhere all the time. I am sorry. Nah just kidding, actually no I’m not! The thing that got me onto this subject was another article I read which was attached to the other article I read… Yes that was just as hard to type as it was for you to read I can assure you! Since when did a Generation get to change the letter before their category eh? I mean for HeyZuse sake, nobody BEFORE this under 20’s lot could do it could they? Apparently they prefer iGen instead of Gen Z. Seriously. In a survey this lot of children freely admit they have no manners, no consideration for others (hence the “i” in iGen) and generally couldn’t give a fuck unless it benefits them. Wow how original. Sounds more like a recycled Baby Boomer to me but with the addition of the obligatory “i” in front of it like everything else in society these days…… Maybe they should be called “yiGen Boomers Babies” then. Combine them with the Generation of ignorants currently labelled yGen and you get a generation of selfish, lazy, ignorant, narcissistic and generally obnoxious kids who are in it for themselves and nothing more. Mmmmm not very Politically Correct I know but the similarities to a Boomer with technology abilities is just freaky!!! Of course they are more than happy to take your money for nothing too whilst having no concept of just how easy they have it now…

They have it so easy now...

Political Correctness. More commonly referred to as “PC” now…. Here is a subject close to my heart! It never ceases to amaze me that everyone must be so PC to the point of everyone missing the point of everything anyone says to make sure they do not offend others…. It’s just plain fucking hard work and stupid if you ask me! God help us all in future when the yiGen Babies are running the show and we are all old. Can you imagine the conversations?

I'm offended now Mum!!

Person 1 : “Hi, how are person(s) this day?’

Person 2 : “Hi, this person(s) are fine, how are person(s) this day?

Person 1: It is good that person(s) are fine this day”……

All this just to say G’day to each other without offending anyone!!! Faaarrrkkkkkk……. What is really wrong with the old ways I ask?

Person 1: “G’day you old bastard, how the fuck are ya?” 

Person 2: “Yeah G’day arsewipe, I’m fuckin’ great, and you?” 

Person 1: “Any better mate and I’d be fuckin’ dangerous!” 

Ok maybe now that it is written down I can start to see a small issue…….


Ice Hockey. This is not an issue really, more just a selfish little indulgence to end things on a fun note! You see I totally luuuuurrrrrv the NHL. In particular the Vancouver Canucks. And they are kicking arse so far in the regular season too, although admittedly only after a very suspect start to the season. This sport is fast, brutal and just plain brilliant for so many reasons. The one’s that stand out most right now though are the utter lack of manners, PC and iGen!!!!! Yes folks there is no “after you”, “no after you!” on the ice. There is no “sir” or “ma’am” on the ice. There are no spoilt children with fucking iPods stuck to their heads on the ice! Mess with these guys and you will become a sad and sorry red coloured advertisement spread over the inside of the fence (boards) after being checked (rammed, pushed, hammered) into oblivion!

Maybe I am on my own being fed up with all this PC, lack of manners from anyone and other stupid anti social shit that we have to comply with these days? I know I sound like a dinosaur when saying this, but it used to be so much easier when you didn’t have to worry about offending all and sundry with a simple “hello”. The basic and decent elements of being a good person are almost gone. Sad really don’t you think?


The world has just produced the story of a lifetime. A story so fucked up for so many reasons (most of them the wrong reasons of course!) that i could not help but have a rant. Just mind blowing. I won’t provide details here as that will just be giving a stupid person airtime, and I don’t like stupid people. So fuck off dumb arse.

The reason this has raised my dander is simple. A stupid person, weighing in at over 250kg (yes people, the size of a fucking tip truck!) gets a Dept of Housing place. Taxpayer funded. Said stupid person wants to be a rapper instead of earning a living. For HeyZuse’ sake, get a job and wear off a few hundred Kilo’s first dickhead. I have nothing against overweight people at all, but this story is a bit much I reckon.

It gets better though. Stupid person decides to sweep his floor one day. Not sure how he even got up off his hectare, but anyway apparently he did. He then falls through the floor due to his excessive weight! Tries now to sue the Dept of Housing for “providing an unsuitable residence to cater for his weight” and claims it is “termite ridden”. What. The. Fuck? It turns out he had not even paid his rent in the place for over 6 months, but it is apparently the Dept of Housings responsibility to “cater” to him at taxpayer expense!

I have some free taxpayer funded advise for you moron. 1) Get some help. 2) Get some fucking help. 3) For fuck sake, get some fucking help!

Ok feel better now that I have it off my chest. Not my normal style I know, but this just made me wanna puke all over the stupid person! Postscript to this is that both the Dept of Housing Commission hearing and the High Court have rejected this idiots claims, so at least the system has not totally failed the taxpayers! Costs may be paid by the taxpayers though as this stupid person is still unemployed….and still living in the SAME house!

Anyway, rant done, now onto the feel good story of 2012 about cracks found in the A380 Airbus wings which apparently pose no safety risk to passengers nor warrant grounding of affected jets… ….


Ok so this has absolutely, positively nothing at all to do with academies or my mum….But it sounded cool didn’t it? 🙂

Moving right along then, to my great surprise, and quite possibly soon to be dismay, I have been kindly (or cruelly perhaps?) nominated for a blogging award by that fine word smith and master of maddness over at The Dissemination of Thought. This award is apparently called the Kreativ Blogger Award. Obligatory pic below….

WTF does this mean anyway?

Now I am told that in order to accept this award, I must do several things which may or may not be palatable to either myself or others… Firstly I must list out 10 things people do not know about me… Mmmmm this could get ugly! Secondly I must list 6 blogs I think are also deserving of the Kreativ Blogger Award. That should be easy as there are many I follow which are so much better than mine! 🙂

Onto the 10 things then….

1) I am a bloke. Yup born and bred with dangly bits between the legs. Just hoping now that as age creeps up on me I don’t grow any on the chest as well!

2) I have 2 massively awesome kids. 1 of each species to keep us endlessly entertained as they grow up and learn the how’s and how not’s of the world 🙂

3) Cars are my passion (outside of my family of course). If it has any potential to fall into the car/auto/motor category, I am there!

4)  The Big Bang Theory floats my boat big time! Has to be one of the best shows everrrrrrr!!!! Go Sheldon Cooper!

5) I hate Spiders….Sucks being me in Oz during summer believe me! Little bastards are watching me….always watching me…

6) I try to play the guitar, BADLY! Learning such a musical instrument in mid-life is so much harder than I ever imagined…

7) I have a vendetta against stupid people. For some reason they are allowed to breed, profusely. This must stop. NOW.

8) I like playing Golf. Don’t do it very often, or very well at all for that matter, but still enjoy it.

9) I crave humor and seek it out anywhere I can. No humor, no life I reckon! The twisted’er the better’er too…. Think Monty Python..

10) I now have a favourite new word – KREATIV. I just love the way it is spelded, and so much more now that I know TDoT hates it with a passion due to his speling and gramar OCD issues! 😉

Enjoy this TDoT mwahahahahaha

Ok so that covers that off…I think anyway. Now for the 6 blogs I believe deserve the Kreativ Blogger Award, in no particular order! Drum roll please……

1- Impassioned Rantings of an Unbalanced Mind

2- Facehookin’

3- Wonderful Collisions

4- You’ve Been Hooked!

5- Solomonian

6- RoughDrafts

If I can remember to do it, your blogs pages will receive a little note to tell you about this!

So there you have it. And you can blame TDoT for that painful read!!! Thanks heaps though, it is nice to know you either have no real friends and are trying to get my attention, or really just found something worth readin’ on me Blog! Reelly, thanks… 🙂

Oh I nearly forgot, I found this awesome pic for you  TDoT, which will be appreciated so much I am sure! Enjoy!


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